Utility Poles

Utility poles safely support the electric power conductors (wires) that provide vital electric service to our members. They are the backbone of our distribution system.

Please do not place yard sale signs, posters, advertisements, or any other such items on utility poles. They are a safety hazard for our line technicians. Line workers who have to navigate around these attachments while climbing utility poles could fall and get hurt. Not only are the signs themselves hazardous, but the nails or staples used to post them can damage the equipment a line worker wears to protect him from electric shock. And if a line worker should hit a nail or staple while climbing, his climbing hook could slip off the pole.

Furthermore, sports equipment, private lighting or any other device for personal use should not be installed on any utility pole.

Refrain from landscaping around the bottom of poles with flower boxes, birdhouses, etc.
If a line worker should fall on these, he could be injured more seriously.

Don't use electrical equipment installed on the pole for target practice. This will do nothing but damage equipment and probably cause outages. Shooting at power lines or insulators on the poles is illegal and could cause the lines to come down.